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Voter Registration

Register to vote for your Recovery Dharma Board of Directors

Everyone who considers themselves a member of Recovery Dharma is eligible to vote for the Board. Just go to and submit your email to be added to the voter rolls (note – you will receive an email verification; please check your Spam folder if it does not arrive in your Inbox). This list will be maintained separately from the Recovery Dharma mailing list—it is not for email contact, just voter registration.

Voting will be online from January 15 through January 31, 2020. The permanent Recovery Dharma Board of Directors will be seated in mid-February.

Each voter can choose up to four candidates on their ballot. The candidates with the highest number of votes will be elected to the nine open Board seats, with terms structured so there is overlap: the four top vote getters will have three-year terms, the next four will have two-year terms, and the next (along with the transitional board members who will stay on the Board for continuity) will have a one-year term.

Please spread the word about registering to vote in your meetings and local sangha social media pages!
Register to Vote


Transition Team Changes

Jessica L. (Portland, OR) is no longer part of the Recovery Dharma Transition Team, though we may continue to consult with her periodically. Jess was instrumental in setting up communications when our organization was just getting started, and we are grateful for her service and friendship.

We are excited to announce the addition of three new members!

As you may already know, we have had our hands full with coordinating circles, planning the upcoming elections, hosting the Core Intentions community calls, and the myriad other day-to-day tasks of keeping this organization running smoothly and with integrity. We are a small group of volunteers and it is a lot of work, and it became clear that the wise action at this point would be to ask for help by adding new members to our team, at least until the new Board starts their term on February 15.

We are pleased to introduce you to these amazing people who we invited to join us because they have already shown incredible leadership and service to their local sanghas and Recovery Dharma as a whole:

Critter S. (Oakland, CA) co-facilitates the Gilman RD meeting in Berkeley, CA, and recently helped start an RD meeting in Oakland with a mental health focus. They are co-editor of the RD community newsletter. They have also been actively working on the inclusion, wise friendships, literature, and the (newly started) community wisdom circles.

Dirk W. (Bloomington, IL) has been working with the literature circle and is the managing editor of our community newsletter. He has also provided tech support to the community, helping to manage Slack, Google Suite, the website, and more.

Craig W. (Lexington, KY) has been active in building the Lexington, KY, Sangha to six meetings a week including facilitating a weekly newcomers meeting, acting as the secretary, and running the social media account. Craig has also helped with the Outreach Circle, website team, building the meeting directory, and data validation during the transition.

Please join us in welcoming these new Transition Team members!


New Structure Development Circle

A new circle has been created – Structure Development. The Structure Development Circle is open for any interested member of Recovery Dharma to join.

The purpose of the Circle is to define and document structures for Recovery Dharma community support at the global, regional, and intersangha levels. In cases where these structures already exist, we’ll reach out to those involved and document common practices that have worked.

What will the support structures do? That will be one of the first things for us to discuss! Possibilities include supporting new meetings getting started, problem-solving for challenges groups are facing, providing a forum for members within a region to connect with each other, hold events, etc.

The Structure Development Circle won’t actually implement the structures that are defined, although it may help with initial logistics of getting the structures started, if it makes sense to do so. Once the work of the Structure Development Circle is complete, the Structure Development Circle will dissolve.

Questions the Circle will address include:

  • How those providing service to our community would be identified or selected/elected.
  • How those serving would be accountable for their work.
  • How the work of current circles would be incorporated (Sangha Support Circle, Community Wisdom Circle, etc).
  • How the regional map adopted for elections might be incorporated into a support structure (if at all).
  • How the support structures and the Board of Directors work together.
  • Limits (if any) of participation of members of the Board within the support structures.

The general process of the work will be:

  • Open invitation to the community for participation in the Circle.
  • Discussion of the purpose of community support structures:
  • What do we want them to do?
  • What is not part of what community structures do?
  • Develop a proposed community support structure document.
  • Present the proposed community support structure to the community in open Zoom calls for review and discussion.
  • Incorporate feedback from community meetings.
  • Send the proposed community support structure out to the community for ratification (exact ratification process TBD).

The work of the Circle will be accomplished through meetings on Zoom and conversations on a Slack channel. Regarding Zoom meetings – scheduling is always hard. We’ll use a poll to pick the best day of the week and time to meet, and then meet at that same day/time, generally every other week. Unfortunately, it will likely not be possible to come up with a day and time which will allow everyone who is interested in participating to attend the meetings. However, the meetings will be recorded and made available to the members.

If you would like to join the Circle, or have further questions, send an email to:

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